RESTful Web Services Unconference

REST Fest Midwest 2019

May 31st - June 1st

40 Pearl St NW #200 Grand Rapid, MI


About REST Fest

Our objective is to give people interested in REST, Hypermedia APIs, crafting web service APIs, or any related topics a chance to get together in an informal setting to share ideas, trade stories, and show examples of current work.

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Keynote: REST and Beyond: Moving to Event-Based APIs and Streaming

James Higginbotham is an API and microservice architecture consultant and will talk about the future of REST in relation to event based APIs.

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Speakers, Schedule

REST Fest is a unique blend of presentations and collaborative unconference goodness. The keynote sits directly in the middle of the conference schedule with hackday, workshop, session, talks, and 5-in-5 lightening talks surrounding it.

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Like most of the talks at REST Fest, our sponsorship levels are based on HTTP. We couldn't do this without these fabulous folks.

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