REST Fest East 2019


Lorinda Brandon

Keynote: Lorinda Brandon

Lorinda Brandon is the Director of Product Management for Developer Tools at Capital One. She has had the good fortune to work at a number of stellar companies, including Intuit,, RR Donnelley, EMC, and SmartBear Software. From early days working on automating Air Force systems in the 1980's to now directing product needs for Chaos Engineering, Secrets Management, CI/CD pipelines and Tokenization, Lorinda has seen the software industry shape itself into a major force in the world.

Schedule (see the wiki for more)

Pre-Fest - Workshop

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — bagels, pastries, & coffee
REST: A starting point
CRUD for the masses
GraphQL for the new kids
Hypermedia for the dedicated
Anatomy of a Web API Server
Anatomy of a Web API Client
API Definition Languages
The Hard Stuff

Day 1 - Hack Day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — buscuits (cheddar & cheddar/ham) & coffee
Overview of the Representer Pattern and the REST Fest Video Project content
Hackathon Group Formation
Stand-Ups, Demos, Wrap-Up
Late GET /greenville - Tea/Bar Crawl Kickoff!
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Day 2 - Stack day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — scones, spinach feta pinwheels, ham & cheddar pinwheels, coffee
Stack Day Talks (TBA)
Stack talks & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Dinner Break
-- Espresso Bar Opens!

Keynote: API Discovery In The Real World Is Complicated
by Kin Lane

101 N Main St. 3rd Floor — Open Works
Boardgames & Star Trek Continues!

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Day 3 - Conference Day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — Build Your Own Omelette
Feature & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Feature talks
Wrap up
Late After Party!
Liberty Tap Room941 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601