REST Fest East 2019


Chaos Is Order (Or How To Make Systems You Trust)
Keynote: Friday, September 27th

This talk will cover the basics of The Principles of Chaos and things to consider when applying them to a distributed system. We’ll also talk about the role APIs play in those systems and how to consider things like blast radius when building resilient APIs. We’ll do all that by drawing comparisons to the all-too-frequent power outages my house suffers from and the games my generator plays… because it’s all about me.

Lorinda Brandon

Lorinda Brandon is a Director of Software Engineering at Twilio. She has had the good fortune to work at a number of stellar companies, including Intuit, CapitalOne,, RR Donnelley, EMC, and SmartBear Software. From early days working on automating Air Force systems in the 1980’s to now directing Customer Lifecycle applications for Twilio SendGrid, Lorinda has seen the software industry shape itself into a major force in the world.

Schedule (see the wiki for more)

Pre-Fest - Workshop Wednesday
Building Meaningful APIs with JSON-LD

Location: Clemson @ 1 N Main St. 7th floor

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — bagels, pastries, & coffee
Introduction to Linked Data and JSON-LD
Adding context to your JSON via the JSON-LD's @context
Getting into Graphs
Workshoping Existing APIs
Conclusion and Dinner/Drinks Location Selection

Day 1 - Code Day

Location: Clemson @ 1 N Main St. 7th floor

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — biscuits (cheddar & cheddar/ham) & coffee
  • Discussion/Presentation : The Challenge of Service-Level Discovery on the Open Web
  • Short Demo of Open DISCO
  • Project Planning
  • Project Plan StandUp (teams announce projects)
  • Project Work Begins
  • Project Status StandUp
  • Project Work Continues
  • Project Completion Demo/StandUp
  • Discussion/Futures
Stand-Ups, Demos, Wrap-Up
Late GET /greenville - Tea/Bar Crawl Kickoff!
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After the free drinks...

Day 2 - Stack Day

Location: First, Clemson @ 1 N Main St. 5th floor. Second, OpenWorks @ 101 N Main St. for 10 year birthday bash!

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — scones, spinach feta pinwheels, ham & cheddar pinwheels, coffee
Stack Day Talks
Stack Day Talks

Keynote: Chaos Is Order (Or How To Make Systems You Trust)
by Lorinda Brandon

Keynote Q&A
Stack talks & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Dinner Break

Party like it's 2010!

REST Fest is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! We've got some traditions to keep at this age, so we'll be rolling out the coffee, donuts, board games, and indie films at OpenWorks to celebrate ten years of collaborative chaos curation.

Espresso Bar Opens at !

101 N Main St. 3rd floor — Open Works

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Day 3 - Conference Day

Locations: First, Coffee Underground @ 1 East Coffee St. for breakfast. Second, Clemson @ 1 N Main St. 5th floor

Start Finish Event
Breakfast at Coffee Underground
Feature & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Feature talks
Wrap up
Late After Party!
World Piece — 109 W Stone Ave Suite A1, Greenville, SC 29609