REST Fest EU 2019



Replicating the Success of REST in Event-Driven Architecture
Keynote: Friday, May 31st

During this talk, Fran will share his experience and vision on how to improve the event-driven architectures ecosystem. In the past years, with the rise of technologies like IoT and Microservices, more and more people are adopting event-driven architectures (EDA). However, the maturity of EDA is not yet comparable to REST. We'll have to make a tremendous effort in the upcoming years if we want this architectural paradigm to succeed and get the most out of it.

photo of Fran Méndez Fran Méndez Fran is the founder of the AsyncAPI Initiative. He’s a software engineer with a strong focus on event-driven APIs and microservices. On his spare time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball, kayaking, and stand-up paddle surf.

Schedule (see the wiki for more)

Day 1 - HackDay

Start Finish Event
08:30 09:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 12:30 Hypermedia workshop with Todd Brackley (more details soon)
12:30 13:30 Lunch
13:30 16:00 Hack day / Breakout discussions
16:00 16:30 Stand-Ups and Demos
16:30 18:00 Break
18:00 19:00

Keynote Panel

19:00 23:00 GET /CraftBeer at Browar 100 Mostów

How we get there is to be determined but expect the unexpected!

And don't worry if it seems a bit far. We'll get y'all safely both ways...

Day 2 - TalkDay

Start Finish Event
08:30 09:30 Welcome Breakfast
09:30 10:30 Feature Talks (TBA)
10:30 10:45 Break
10:45 12:00 5in5 Talks and Panel Discussions
12:00 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:00 Feature Talks and 5in5 Talks
14:00 14:15 Break
14:15 15:30 5in5 Talks and Panel Discussions
15:30 15:45 Break
15:45 17:00 Final Talks and Wrap Up
17:30 Late After Party! sponsored by SmartLogic logo